Reinventing Tradition for a Modern World 

There was a time when the foothills of North Carolina were dotted with furniture companies. These were entrepreneurial concerns, large and small with the family name on the door. They made things locally and they did it by hand, borrowing raw materials from the earth, shaping timber to their will, sawing, carving and finishing to form beautiful pieces of furniture. Iconic designs. Legendary craftsmanship. 

This time is now at Chaddock. For the past few years, Chaddock has been quietly and perseveringly investing in modern furniture design and manufacturing in Morganton, North Carolina. Ours is a story of man and machine. We’ve recruited craftspeople brought up in the furniture-making tradition to help us on the way. We’ve invested in state-of-the art technology – from sophisticated CAD systems to precision routers – to support our people and our investment. Today, nearly 90% of Chaddock designs are made to order in America. Morganton, North Carolina, is home. 

At Chaddock, we love to make beautiful things. But, the furniture manufacturing process always begins with great design. Ours is a culture of creativity with a team of in-house designers, engineers and artisans. Additionally, we are proud to partner with some of the most influential names in the world of interiors: Larry Laslo, Mary McDonald and David Easton. 

Chaddock goals are simple yet bold: to design and manufacture home furnishings of style, elegance and American-made quality for discerning designers and shoppers throughout the world. Welcome to Chaddock.


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