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A treasured bygone era can be ressurected through felicitous designing and a deft choice of classical antiques, appropriated for the present with just enough modern touches. The statement rings true particularly fascinating colonial-style house in the city of Malang. The residences has undergone some renovation works but still maintains the essence of its prevailing theme. With its various Chinese Peranakan details and thematic design , the house whisks occupants to another moment in time.


The homeowner has a penchant for colonial-style archiecture and quite serendipitously, the said house sit in a quaint, exclusive residential area that is known for its old colonial attributes. An existing buiding had occupied the land had required heavy renovation works in certain areas to accomodate the need for a two storey construction.


To begin, Hidajat Endramukti of Endramukti Design first aligned the owner’s requests with the structural conditin of the existing building. His team recorded every detail of the edifice, and continued with the strengthening of the structure before dismantling the doors, windows and  other detachable attributes. When the construction with the new design plan began, the said elements were re-installed in their original spots. “Practically, the whole building had to be renovated because of the need to stengthen the new structure in order to withhold the additional second floor at the back of the site,” explains  Hidajat.


From the main entrance, we can see a foyer that is seasoned with a double-seater sofa symmetrically flanked on its right and left by large earthenware china pots and standing lamps. The interior presents a fitting theme that merges colonial characteristics with Peranakan Chinese style of the same era hidajat lets the two ethos coalesce organically through his furniture and colour choices. He also experiments with notched ceilings and floor pattern that result in stunning and dramatic angles.


A line of artworks decorates the corridor wall that branches out to the master bedroom. Located at the front of the building, the master bedroom and a foyer that charms with red Peranakan ornamentations-from stools, table lamp,  a painting of a flower in an ethnic frame o the red carpet with distinct Peranakan patterns.

Adhering to the same theme is living room, situated adjacent to the dining room that is adorned with a beautiful chandelier and pantry that faces the swimming pool. The living room offers access to the wooden –loores elongated patio at the back. The sitting area here is elegantly furnished with a Peranakan-style sofa and two setas that are positioned symmetrically with the table ornaments, stools and ancient Chinese plates that embellish the background wall.

The staircase that leads to the second floor is also a testament to Hidajat's brilliant design panache. Adorned with beautiful wall ornaments and unique handrails, the designer flawlessly marries the two historic themes. The floor houses a study and two children bedrooms, each with a picturesque balcony – a basic staple of colonial-style building-that overlooks the swimming pool. Between thtwo bedrooms is small living om also with a balcony that overlooks the back of the site.

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